Atlantic Puffin, Bempton Cliffs/England
Red Deer, Richmond Park/England
Grey Heron, London/England
Black-winged Stilt, Aveiro/Portugal
Cuban Tody, Zapata Swamp/Cuba
Golden Monkey, Volcanoes National Park/Rwanda

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London-based Portuguese traveler and photographer with a keen interest in wildlife, nature, and conservancy. Over the years I've traveled extensively around the world (50+ countries) and these days almost exclusively focus on trying to visit and photograph the best (and often very remote!) destinations for nature and wildlife. This without forgetting multiple field trips in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

While I love photographing and learning about all kinds of wildlife, birds are definitely a favorite subject of mine. My birding activities can be found on eBird.

You can find more about my travels on my travel blog Breathe With Us.